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Dr. Peter Baron -
Executive Director
Dr. Peter Baron was educated in Germany where he took a degree in Agricultural Economics and Policy. From 1967-1971 he was a junior lecturer at the Technical University, Munich.  

From 1971-1993 he served in the German Government at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in Bonn.  His responsibilities covered agricultural commodities, i.e. cereals, sugar, cocoa, bananas and wine. 

In this capacity he attended many multilateral trade and commodity conferences. In 1992 he chaired the United Nations Sugar Conference in Geneva which led to the present International Sugar Agreement, 1992.  

In January 1994 he was appointed Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization. During his term in office membership increased from 39 to 85 countries.  

In 2006 Dr. Peter Baron was elected by MasterCana, Brazil, as “International Personality 2006 in the category – Sugar” for his efforts to further a sustainable, driving and dynamic sugarcane agro industry and to ensure enhanced international cooperation in world sugar matters.