ISO "FOCUS ON" Autumn Series of Zoom Conferences 

September - November 2020 

The Executive Director wishes to inform you of the schedule of the UPDATED ISO "FOCUS ON" Autumn Zoom Conferences planned for September and October 2020. 

These events will be held virtually using the Zoom platform. For ISO events the Secretariat will circulate a reminder a week in advance asking you to inform the Secretariat of your wish to participate. On the day of the meeting the Zoom link will be circulated (30 minutes ahead of the start time) to all those who have registered so they can log in and participate. It is expected that each conference will last approximately one hour. 

The ISO hopes as many of you as possible can participate in these conferences and webinars, which the Secretariat trusts will bring added value to understanding the current situation and future challenges and opportunities for our industry. 

Thursday, 3rd September @ 13:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON FIJI 

Mr. Graham Clark, CEO of the Fiji Sugar Corporation, and Mr. Vishnu Moran, Vice-Chair of ISO Administrative Committee and Fiji representative, will provide an overview of the tremendous progress made by FIJI in stabilizing production, improving yields and performance overall. 


Thursday, 10th September @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON BRAZIL 

Mr. Evandro Gussi, President of UNICA, will address the current situation in Brazil and perspectives for the future, with emphasis on the tangible advantages of establishing a sucro-energetic policy that highlights the use of Ethanol combined with the efficient and sustainable production of sugar. 


Thursday, 24th September @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON MOZAMBIQUE 

Mr. Joao Jeque from APAMO will provide a comprehensive overview of the sugar sector in Mozambique and perspectives for tackling the challenges ahead. Mozambique presents tremendous potential for growth and offers favourable conditions for a sustained increase in production, improvement in best practices and achievement of efficiencies in key areas of the process. 


Tuesday, 29th September @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON HONDURAS 

Mr. Mateo Yibrín and Mr. Gerardo Guillén, President and CEO of the "Honduras Sugar Producers Association (APAH)", will showcase the progress achieved by their agroindustry and the actions they have undertaken to address the current crisis as well as prepare for the future challenges ahead. 


Wednesday, 30th September @ 10:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON THE PHILIPPINES 

Mr. Hermenegildo Serafica, Director of the "Sugar Regulatory Administration" (SRA), will provide a comprehensive overview of sugar in the Philippines, including the key elements behind the rise in production and the perspectives for the near future. 


Monday, 5th October @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON PARAGUAY 

Liz Cramer, Minister of Industry and Commerce, will present the magic of Paraguay’s sugar sector with emphasis on their leadership in organic sugar. Paraguay has gained a reputation for excellence and an early decision to focus on Organic has placed them as the top producer and exporter in the world. 


Tuesday 6th October @15:00 (UK)- FOCUS ON AFRICA 

Learn about the African Sugar Development Task Force (ASDTF), an initiative that aims to promote sustainability and socio-economic development in the continent by fostering best practices, increased intra-regional trade and transfer of technology. Executive Director, Mulhim Eltayeb, will be accompanied by members of the Steering Committee to provide a comprehensive overview. 


Thursday 8th October @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON EUROPE 

Elisabeth Lacoste, Director of CIBE, will address the views of European sugar beet growers about the current agronomic, economic (market) and political situation in the EU, outlining strategies and perspectives to successfully face the challenges ahead. 


Thursday, 15th October @ 16:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON COLOMBIA 

Freddy Garces, Director-General of CENICAÑA, and Claudia Calero, President of ASOCAÑA, will provide a comprehensive overview of the best practices of the Colombian sugar sector, highlighting the solid commitment to genuine sustainability, their leadership in the rational management of water and the impressive yields they have consistently registered for many years. This will be a unique opportunity for a first-hand insight into one of the world’s most efficient sucro-energetic producers in the world. 


Thursday, 22nd October @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON RAIZEN (BRAZIL) 

Mr. Ricardo Mussa, CEO of Raizen, will present the impressive trajectory of this joint venture between COSAN (Brazil) and Royal Dutch Shell, highlighting how it efficiently conjugates production of sugar, fuel and ethanol by optimizing the process and delivering solid value-added. 


Wednesday, 28th October @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON ESWATINI

Nontobeko Mabuza - Manager Trade and External Affairs, Eswatini Sugar Association will provide an overview of the Eswatini sugar industry, highlighting the importance of the industry to the Eswatini economy and how the industry has contributed to the growth and viability of small-scale growers. Other initiatives being undertaken by the industry to ensure sustainability will also be highlighted.


Tuesday, 3rd November @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON COSTA RICA
Mr. Edgar Herrera, CEO of LAICA, will share the experience of his sugar sector and their leading initiatives for diversification, better performance and genuine participatory growth. Costa Rica is a leader in developing sugar-containing products and has vast expertise in taking advantage of key niche markets.


Tuesday, 10th November @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON EL SALVADOR
Julio Arroyo, Executive Director of “Asociación Azucarera de El Salvador”, will focus on the factors of that explain the efficiency and sustainability of the Salvadorean sugar industry. Their performance and yields have consistently improved as a result of the vision implemented through real actions.


Thursday, 12th November @ 16:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON MEXICO
Román González, Commercial Policy Director of CONADESUCA, will present a summary of the current situation and perspectives of the sugarcane agro-industry in Mexico, starting with an analysis of the 2019/2020 sugar season final data and the estimates for 2020/2021, as well as a long-term vision for the sector, considering the challenges involved in seeking new alternatives for the use of sugarcane in Mexico; the trading relationship with the United States, and the probable downward trend in sugar consumption in Mexico caused by the new Law on Front Warning Labels on food products.


Friday, 13th November @ 15:00 (UK) – FOCUS ON EUROPE
Ms. Marie-Christine Ribera, Director-General of CEFS (“Comité Européen des Fabricants de Sucre”), will share with us the situation of EU sugar producers, the challenges ahead and how they are streamlining operations to increase competitiveness and focus on the milestone of the Green Deal.

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