Event: ISO Summer Series of Zoom Conferences and Webinars

02 Jul 2020

 June - August 2020 

The Executive Director wishes to inform colleagues of the attached schedule of ISO Summer Zoom Conferences and Webinars planned for June - August 2020. 

These events will be held virtually using the Zoom platform. A week before each event is scheduled the ISO will circulate a reminder asking you to inform the Secretariat of your wish to participate. On the day of the meeting the Zoom link will be circulated (30 minutes ahead of the start time) to all those who have registered so they can log in and participate. It is expected that each conference will last approximately one hour. 

The ISO hopes as many colleagues as possible can participate in these conferences and webinars, which the Secretariat trusts will bring added value to understanding the current situation and future challenges and opportunities for our industry.



June 10: International Grains Council Conference 

"Ethanol Market Development" Peter de Klerk, Senior Economist, ISO 

June 16: NSI Webinar, India 

"The Sugar Market and Consumption under Covid-19", Peter de Klerk, Senior Economist, ISO 

July 2, 14:00 (UK): ISO Zoom Conference: Presentation of MECAS study "Funds Activity in Sugar" by Peter de Klerk, Senior Economist ISO 

The activity of Funds has a profound impact on the sugar market and has evolved into one of its main drivers. With his ample experience in the field, Peter De Klerk will present enriching and thought-provoking insights designed to understand better the dynamics of fund activity. 

July 7-10, 09:00 (UK): 2020 African Sugar Summit, SUGARONLINE 

José Orive will moderate the opening panel with the Director of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) and the Secretary General of the African and Caribbean Group of States, several delegates of ISO Member countries will be in a panel session about the "Africa Sugar Development Task Force (ASDTF)" and ISO will participate in the Q&A with Senior Economist Peter de Klerk. 

Sugaronline’s "Africa Sugar Summit", originally scheduled for July 7-8 in Accra, Ghana, will now be held online free of charge over a period of four days designed to establish a good time and pace for the presentations. The ISO Secretariat strongly encourages Members to take advantage of this unique opportunity and participate in sessions of interest. 


July 15, 15:00 (UK): ISO Zoom Conference – "COVID pandemic impact on Sugar and Alcohol"  by Dr Plinio Nastari, President, DATAGRO 

Dr Nastari is one of the most renowned experts in the sugar world and his firm DATAGRO is recognized as one of the top analysis and consultant firms globally. He will address this key topic with insights on Brazil’s experience, including the crucial sugar-ethanol mix and the cutting-edge RENOVABIO program that has recently taken effect. 


July 16, 14:00 (UK): ISO Zoom Conference - Presentation of MECAS study, "New Frontiers in Agricultural Technology" by Pedro Arruda, Economist, ISO 

The use of technology in Agriculture has made quantum leaps in recent years and today BIG DATA, the use of drones and sophisticated systems are important tools to achieve better efficiencies and Economist Pedro Arruda will project real-life examples that demonstrate how one can significantly improve performance. 

July 20: Webinar ISO-ISSCT-Bonsucro - "The Impact of COVID-19 on the sustainability of the sugar cane industry worldwide" 

Together with the "International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT)" and Bonsucro, ISO will participate in this webinar that brings together the viewpoints of experts around the world with the view of giving a geographical assessment of how we can continue with best practices to achieve authentic sustainability. 

July 23: 9th ISO/CIS Moscow Conference, (full agenda available soon) 

Given the prevalent conditions the 9th ISO-CIS Conference will be on July 23rd, live for Russian participants and online for the public. The challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic will be the issue around which the discussion will evolve, striving to take a fresh approach at the challenges we will have to tackle down the road. 

July 27, 14:00 (UK): ISO Zoom Conference - Presentation of MECAS "Sugar Market Developments in China" by Kirill Matrenichev, Economist, ISO 

China is a leading player in today’s sugar world and Economist Kirill Matrenichev will present an overview of their sector, the main policy developments, trade dynamics and perspectives for the future. 

August 5, 15:00 (UK): ISO Zoom Conference - "The Outlook post-coronavirus and uncertainties ahead" by Pablo Gimenez, Senior Vice President, LATAM, INTL FCStone 

INTL FCStone has always distinguished itself for its acumen and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking & analysis, and ISO is fortunate to have one of their leading professional in Pablo Gimenez to share their vision with us. 

August 28 (around QMO release): ISO Zoom Conference - "An update of the World Sugar Market". 

The Quarterly Market Outlook (QMO) is one of ISO’s main pieces of work and with the COVID-19 pandemic several months old the ISO Secretariat will provide a real-time picture of where things stand, the status of supply chains, impact on consumption and perspectives to better address the challenges ahead. 

Confirmed and pending date + topic: 

- Thierry Songeur, SUCDEN. 

- Kona Haque, ED&F Man. 

- Stephen Geldart, CZARNIKOW. 

We are also exploring a conference from the "Institute for the Study of Climate Change (ICC)" of Guatemala, a joint effort with the "World Sugar Research Organization (WSRO)" on Sugar + Health in COVID-19 times. 


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