Fuel Ethanol in the Biofuel World – the Post 2020 Landscape - MECAS(19)16

Today, the United States and Brazil dominate production and consumption of fuel ethanol worldwide. In the US, market dynamics continue to set a path for increased biofuels use in the country, with the prospect for E15 giving further hope for the domestic corn ethanol industry. In Brazil, the large and growing flex-fuel vehicle fleet’s potential is bolstered...........


An Update of Ocean Freight – What is the Impact on Sugar? - MECAS(19)17

The freight market has gone through various changes in recent decades, which can be broadly categorised into two sections: changes in the price discovery mechanism for freight costs and changes in the regulation and structure of the freight market. Structural change in the freight market, in terms of vessel building, fuel compliance and pricing..........


World Sugar Demand: Outlook to 2030 - MECAS(19)18

A considerable slowing down in world consumption growth witnessed by the market in the second half of the 2010s suggests that sugar use dynamics no longer guarantee a speedy return to a more balanced market after a surplus phase of the cycle. Population growth and per capita income remains the major drivers of sugar consumption............


ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook 2019

ISO Sugar and Ethanol Yearbook 2019 now available to order

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The International Sugar Organization is the unique intergovernmental body devoted to improving conditions on the world's sugar market through Debate, Analysis, Special Studies, Transparent Statistics, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

The proactive attitude to include ethanol from sugar crops in our activities already in the mid-90s helped to promote the increasing role of biofuels in the future energy-mix worldwide